Neighbors Impacting Communities (N.I.C.), a non-profit organization in North County, celebrates school-age (K-12) children with a special focus on inclusion and diversity of all children in the metro St. Louis area.

A Note from NIC President:

We greatly appreciate your time with us! Your interest and support is both energizing and encouraging.  Our future leaders are among us now! It is our job to teach, nurture, mentor and guide them in the right ways; so one day, they can arise and give back.We are excited that you have caught the N.I.C. vision that is contagious in so many ways. The more we catch it, the more contagious it becomes. As we move forward in our communities, let’s join together to make positive impact, make a difference for the future of humanity… our children!We are committed to paving the way for future leaders who in turn will impact our community with strong global leadership through their service and commitment.Joyce Hughes, N.I.C. President

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Nov. 11, 2023
Holiday Bazaar
& Jamboree
in Soulard Park. 

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October 8, 2023
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Our organization was formed to bring students k-12 together in equity and inclusion. Our plight is to be a part of a normalized democracy serving our youth as one people. (Board Approved 100422)

Neighbors Impacting Communities has no boundaries. Our goal is to bring together our youth – despite race, ethnicity, heritage, language, customs, religion, and or disabilities – to be united in social settings without prejudice or disparity. (Board Approved 100422)